domingo, 22 de julho de 2007

Sabática de Setembro de 1969 a Agosto de 1970

Digitalização de Jorge Rezende
© Família de António Aniceto Monteiro e Eduardo L. Ortiz
Monteiro com Eduardo L. Ortiz e o filho deste em Londres
In 1969 Monteiro returned to Europe with a fellowship from Argentina. He visited Professor G. Moisil in Romania and several other colleagues in Paris, and other French universities, and in Belgium and Italy. For a brief period in the summer he visited England. We embarked upon his favourite sport: walking and talking. It involved practically all parks of central London. I accompanied him also to Cambridge. We discussed at great lengths the situation in Argentina. His natural optimism or, rather, his determination to work hard for what he believed in, did not blind him from realizing that he was swimming against the current. We were in a course that would deprive Argentina of a position in Science obtained through, almost exactly then, 100 years of efforts to cultivate the minds of successive generations of scientists. These were not moving now from university to university, when troubles started, like in a game of musical chairs, as before. They were now leaving the country by the hundreds.
[De] Eduardo L. Ortiz: Professor António Monteiro and contemporary mathematics in Argentina.