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Alberto P. Calderón (1920-1998)

Alberto P. Calderón - Unión Matemática Argentina (UMA) - Discurso del Dr. Eduardo Zarantonello. UMA- Rosario, 22 de setiembre de 2000.
Mathematician Alberto Calderón, 1920-1998 - University of Chicago
"In March 1975, invoking anti-terrorist legislation, one of these rapidly changing «interventores» sacked Emeritus Professor António Monteiro from the Universidad del Sur, in Bahía Blanca. It was prohibited for him to enter University premises.
The impact of this action was extraordinary. Outside Argentina it was difficult to understand it. All who knew him were aware of his lifelong opposition to the regime of Salazar in Portugal, which in the end made him and several others leave Portugal. His opposition stemmed from very high moral standards and a deep sense of justice, which lead him to hold socialist views he never abandoned and to have a lifelong rejection of violence. He was not a political man, but with a high sense of honour, was never a courtesan of those in power.
It was difficult to see how a country that had received so much from such an eminent scientist could behave in this irresponsible manner.
The reaction in Argentina was one of shock. Professor Alberto P. Calderón and three other eminent mathematicians requested the «interventor» of the Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas, en Buenos Aires, to invite Monteiro, who was not a sponsored member, to join it at the highest rank. The generous letter, dated April 21 (and enlarged on April 24) points to the outstanding contributions of Monteiro to Argentina’s science and indicates that «…he continues to be the soul of the Department, which was his own creation» (4).
Monteiro did receive support from the Consejo for a period. At times his financial situation was far from good. I remember that in one of my visits to him, after he was separated from the University, I estimated his pension, which in rapidly inflating pesos did not mean very much to me, at the equivalent of a few kilograms of coffee a month.
Unfortunately there were even more serious problems for him. Monteiro was deeply worried about Luiz, his son and his dedicated disciple in Mathematical Logic. Luiz was being kept in detention without a charge. Fortunately he was released after some months, after strong pressures on the government, when it became clear that there was nothing on which he could be charged".
Os três outros eminentes matemáticos, de que fala E. L. Ortiz, foram A. González Domínguez, L. A. Santaló e O. E. Villamayor. Sobre este texto de E. L. Ortiz ver: